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guaperona1.jpg?zoom=0.800000011920929&resize=7671022&ssl=1vestidosweet4.jpg?resize=1000750&ssl=1Have you noticed that little by little you are losing the volume of your hair? Do you want to know why and how to remedy it? I will tell you some tips to give your hair volume and restore that vitality and movement.

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Losing the volume of our hair is something natural over time, but we can do small details to regain it. One of the main causes why we lose volume is due to hair loss. Throughout the year our hair falls out, and not only in autumn as many believe.

We all lose hair for various reasons, such as stress, side effects from medications, serious infection, disease, or genetics. Therefore, today I bring you several tips to recover the volume of our hair.

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1.- The positive effects of a good diet

The first and most important advice is a good diet, especially foods that are rich in…

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